The purpose of this article is not to separate fact from fiction, like oil on water, but rather to paint a picture showing both sides of the argument. While accurately predicting the future might only be a reality in science-fiction movies, piecing together events from the past is equally difficult. rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or There are several reasons. In January 2016, the California-Mexico Border Relations Council considered a proposal to revise and update the recommendations presented in the 2011 New River Improvement Project Strategic Plan, on the basis of the work of the Technical Advisory Committee and community input. At Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, the New River meets the Gauley River. We question what the future will look like and how we can shape it. The Grand Canyon is estimated to be around 5 to 10 million years old, yet the New River Gorge is only 1/3 of the depth of the Grand Canyon. The map now contains brown squares outlining nearby US Topo Map quadrants. New River Strategic Plan. New River pollution also hinders economic development in Imperial County. Conversely, the Kanawha lies in an area that was more supportive of the Union. Myth becomes more exciting to tell than fact, and eventually myths become facts themselves. Myth becomes more exciting to tell than fact, and eventually myths become facts themselves. Most rivers that have their beginning in mountains, slide off their crest and then follow at the base of the mountains. A few more miles down-river, the Greenbrier River meets the New River, the New River is wider and has more volume-- the Greenbrier River is a tributary of the New River. The New River. Fact- There is no sound logical scientific explanation or historical explanation to declare a separation between the Kanawha and New Rivers. differences in elevation and topography, the historic weather at the two separate locations Author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, had this to say about the two rivers, "The Great Kanhaway is a river of considerable note for the fertility of its lands, and still more, as leading towards the headwaters of James River. 25846. Visitors coming to New River Gorge National River have many queries that simply have no right answer or no wrong answer. One of the last points of the many that he makes, states that, on average, major rivers in the United States erode one foot every six thousand years. Like the New River, it cut through the Appalachians as they rose. It is generally accepted that the Nile is the oldest river in the world, yet based on geological evidence, the Finke River in Australia can also make a claim that it is the oldest river in the world. Or, could we speculate that since the New River is ever changing, that it was called the New River because every time you look at it, it's literally a new river. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used Aimee Barnes, CalEPA’s Deputy Secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations, was asked to testify at the Oversight Hearing on New River Restoration Efforts. All three questions will be examined with arguments for and against weighed against each other. Box 246, 104 Main Street Early explorers and even today's rafters cannot navigate this obstacle. The New River is severely polluted by discharges of wastes from domestic, agricultural and industrial sources in Mexico and the Imperial Valley. Kanawha Falls, though unofficially, also represents a cultural barrier. However, you could make a strong case that southern West Virginia is part of the South East and that Northern West Virginia is part of the North East. higher than 86% of other locations on record. It is as if this is part of our DNA. The TAC began work in the summer of 2010, and with the collaboration of many people, the New River Strategic Plan was completed and released to the public May 25, 2012. Fact- The New River has been linked with numerous different names during our brief history in juxtaposition, with itself. The difference between perception and reality is the truth and many times people accept perception as the truth. OK. Physical, psychological, and cultural boundaries amongst West Virginia also extend to our greatest river. Could the Colorado River be older? This location's average precipitation levels are We question what really happened in the past and wonder what information was lost through the transfer of time. There is an innate desire to find answers to complex questions. This location's average winter low temps are That is not true with the New. the Ironside Mountain, CA US Topo Map quadrant. Particularly of interest to us, are the future and the past. This location's average summer high temps are It is as if this is part of our DNA. Linear body of water flowing on the Earth's surface. Clicking anywhere within a quandrant will display an info window with the map name, as Officially it is in the Mid Atlantic region. topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into That is not true with the New. Like the New River, it is deprived of ancient fossils that many younger rivers have. Many people question why, if it is indeed the second oldest river in the world, it is called the New River. Don't show this message again The New River is a river which flows through the U.S. states of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia before joining with the Gauley River to form the Kanawha River at the town of Gauley Bridge, West Virginia.Part of the Ohio River watershed, it is about 360 miles (580 km) long.. Native America tribes such as the Shawnee, the Cherokee, and the Iroquois considered the Kanawha and New to be the same river. Many scientists also believe that the Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the world.


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