Would highly recommend and will use again next time! My cousin was constantly on her phone Watsapp messaging with her friends and sending pictures. Hi, Promise Joe, Pros. Very reliable and held a charge all day while we ran all over town. It can be used anywhere and easy to use with unlimited data. The batter pack was a very nice additional bonus and we used it daily. We never had to use the extra one, but for sure you may need the one that comes with the WIFI. Current Location: #StayAtHome in Singapore, 2. Then, I chanced upon a sign which says “There are no ways from this park to Meiji Shrine directly.” *face palm*. I am also looking into ninja for my upcoming japan trip. Performance is also very good and speed were impressive and consistent throughout Japan. glad that you are able to enjoy the discount =D. NINJA WIFI JAPAN WIRELESS – Post office pick up. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Secondly it comes with a return bag which you seal and I dropped this off with the hotel desk staff and they arranged for it to be uplifted as part of the package. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The coverage is good, despite minor hiccups in the most unconventional places, which I can’t really fault that. 本当にすごいですよ。必要なものです。 We rented a Pocket WiFi from Ninja WiFi on both of our trips to Japan (via the Haneda Office) and it worked flawlessly each time. What is inside Otakuthon Anime Expo in Montreal? Access 4G LTE WiFi across Japan with this pocket router that connects to the Softbank Network. As a result we booked it for a day less than we needed. That is a mystery that may not be easily solved. With two mobile device latching on it almost 24/7, the router battery last for about 30 hours straight per full charge. Firstly, ordering from the UK was simple and straight forward and. It was password protected and I easily paired it to my tablet and two phones. Though this review is overdue and many months later, … We do not have problems sending high-resolution pictures over Watsapp or experience any drop in speed as far as photos are concern. In my previous trip, I bought a data SIM which is cheaper as I was traveling alone. Check here for full list! I would honestly say that this it's an essential purchase especially if you need Internet access on more than one device. iPhone and Samsung phones generally has no issue. Having data is definitely something I cannot live without in today’s day and age and in all my previous trips this and last year, I’ve always traveled with data when I’m overseas. It works out to be significantly cheaper than using roaming data, or renting a phone in Japan; You’ll pay a flat rate for each day you want to use it; There’s no handling fee; You get a huge daily allowance of 300 MB. rather than rushing about an airport, as I had JR tickets to deal with, I had the unit delivered to my hotel. You can't go more wrong! However, in my June/July trip I was honoured to be approached by Ninja Wifi to test and review their mobile wifi device. Booked Ninja WiFi online the day before we flew out to Haneda, Tokyo. 何卒宜しくお願いします。, I travelled to Japan last year for the Cherry Blossom festival covering 3 cities which included Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. It was password protected and I easily paired it to my tablet and two phones. This is extremely useful when I see something that I think someone I know might like or want to have and all I have to do is snap a photo and whatsapp them the image. Display board(s) do tell you information in English but it appears less frequently than the Japanese names. And only when we were in a slightly bigger convenient store. I’ve heard of a friend getting a mobile wifi from another brand and the battery life was terrible and they had to turn it off whenever it is not in use. (As long as you are relatively close buy you can use all three at the same time which was handy in markets and parks). Scroll down for more details! weeks without a single loss of signal meaning we were able to access all our data throughout the whole trip across Japan, simply perfect, wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone travelling to Japan. Driving in Japan and Kyushu! Used to put in so much effort for meal prep.. now, // welcome to my favourite hood - where everything, Contradictions of time through the #timelapse lens, 9D8N Tokyo + Hokkaido Self-Drive - July 2015 - Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars, M1 Data Passport Review - and other Overseas Data solutions - Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars, 9D8N Tokyo + Hokkaido Self Drive - Hellowings Journey x FlyHoneyStars, [Filming Location] BTS Bon Voyage in New Zealand, Tiger Brokers - Making my first purchase in US Markets, Goblin Filming Location in Quebec - The Ultimate Guide, [Filming Location] Legend of the Blue Sea, K-Drama Product Placements and Sponsors in The King Eternal Monarch. Unfortunately for me, my flight arrives to the Naha Airport past the time the pickup location will be open. Speed Test and Link speed – IP address and Equipment number masked for security*. Thanks for your reply! Last but not the least, data will allow you to make constant/frequent social media updates to inform your timeline that you are having a fantastic time overseas. There was very limited/almost uncommon (free) wifi coverage back then. We picked it up at the airport, and dropped it. USEFUL IN IDENTIFYING WHERE AND WHICH TRAIN TO BOARD. Picked it up at the airport on arrival, friendly staff connected both our phones (you can connect up to 10 devices) to the router there and then and we were away with 5 mins. We also used our Google translate (which needs data connection), and Google Maps for train schedules and walking directions. Free yourself from any restraints in Japan with Mobile WiFi router! Some may ask why choose Mobile WiFi rather than sim card or roaming? We ran several speed tests and was able to get download of 40 Mbps and upload of 21 Mbps! Much easier than using SIM cards and Roaming, you can connect your phone, computer, and other devices simultaneously. Thank you to NINJA WiFi for allowing us to catch the Raptors’ historic first NBA championship even while we were on the Shinkansen! Not much else to say, but the wifi worked beautifully in Tokyo and all the way out in Nikko and the mountain/Lake Chuzenji area.Takes a while to charge, so be sure to plug it in before you go to bed, but worked the whole day for us. The hotspot made life easy while in Japan. Access 4G LTE WiFi across Japan with this pocket router that connects to the Softbank Network.


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