Im not saying Earth 2 can beat Thanos all im saying is both have roughly the same physical attributes except for speed that would be in Supes favor, This is SMP he is essentially SA supes in terms of OP. I don't see how Thanos, who is much slower than Surf, can hit Supes. Seriously Thanos just a little stronger than a regular supes if not they are the same in physical attributes. He's the best martial artist and so fast he can see light at FTL speed. Prime easily . Prime wins fairly easily prep or no prep.

prime destroys even boy prime would destroy thanos. 3.2M. Thanos has man handled Thor and Silver Surfer in the past true. Regular supes from earth 2 went toe to toe with Darkseid and Doomsday who have craZy Durability and strength Feats. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He is too fast too strong for Thanos. superman vs thanos He is known as the Mad Titan by the galactic community and the Dark Lord by his most loyal underlings. @sladeracer: Thanos has destroyed a planet as a side effect to his battle, and overpowered someone who destroyed a Star with his bare hands.

Thanos not on his level ... prime destroys even boy prime would destroy thanos. Thanos gets a hole in reality punched through his face. He is a very powerful cosmic warlord that rules over a very distant region in outer space.

What makes you think Thanos head won't pop off flying after prime smacks him up?

Prime can probably get to Thanos quick enough but if he doesn't he'll probably lose. Team Superman Prime One-Million. Exactly my though, with the speed Prime has shown, he could quickly speed rush Thanos and put his hand in his chest and rip him apart. Rune King Thor Thor Odinson… Thanos never loses. Not even to Squirrel Girl. 21 wins (39.6%) Superman Prime One-Million Kal-El. He is also FTL. Team Superman Prime One-Million vs Team Thanos. Boy Prime might win but he wouldn't "destroy" unless the fight is restricted to pure h2h. Prime still stomps him though. However i don't think Thor nor silver surfer have the speed Feats + reaction time + raw physical attributes to dance with Supes unless it's post Annihilation Silver Surfer. Created by HolyJoe. Thanos isnt a Galaxy buster so i don't think he has anything under his Arsenal that can put prime down. Prime. Along with all the powers mentioned above, he commands two massive armies known as the Chitauri and the Outriders. He is well above regular Superman in physical attributes. @kanyecosby: i don't know man. He can pimp slap people like Hulk and Silver Surfer and he has one shotted Thor. A better match would have been superboy Prime vs Thanos and even then Thanos gets bodied. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Team Thanos. A better match would have been superboy Prime vs Thanos and even then Thanos gets bodied.


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