In Britain, even today, people are judged by their table manners, especially when eating out or attending formal functions. 2.

Kadaif ('Kadayıf') is a common Turkish dessert that employs shredded yufka. It is not allowed on the bus or on ferries either,  but nobody  seems to care and it is not enforced.

Kol böreği is another well-known type of börek that takes its name from its shape, as do fincan (coffee cup), muska (talisman), Gül böreği (rose) or Sigara böreği (cigarette). Vegetable dishes usually tend to be served with its own water (the cooking water) thus often called in colloquial Turkish sulu yemek (literally "a dish with juice"). In the cities such behavior is considered rude and shameful; and this leads to conflicts between young people and parents who continue this behavior in the cities. This is because it is an opportunity for a woman to display her skill as a cook, and the women prefer that the food be fresh. Melon dolma along with quince or apple dolma was one of the palace's specialties (raw melon stuffed with minced meat, onion, rice, almonds, cooked in an oven). A typical vegetable dish is prepared with a base of chopped onions, carrots sautéed first in olive oil and later with tomatoes or tomato paste. Posted by Brent Furdyk on April 18, 2016 'When in Rome,' or wherever you travel, you're bound to encounter food customs that you never knew existed.

As with lokum, nane macunu (prepared with mint) used to be eaten as a digestive after heavy meals. Most people think that haggling in the Orient is a way of life. If you really can’t spare the time, mime “thanks” by placing one hand on your chest and pointing with the other to your watch and then in the direction you’re headed. People smoke between courses during dinner.

Cary Chambers Urban legends say the past, this method encouraged people to eat quickly and the slowest would go hungry. In public, you will very rarely see members of the opposite sex touching except when they are widely known as “only friends”. We have been invited to a Turkish wedding in Istanbul. Enjoy Your Meal: “Afiyet Olsun” translates into enjoy your meal and Turks say it with genuine affection because they really do want you to lick your lips. After a meal in a good restaurant you are usually served a free chai (black tea), often with some pastry or lokum. A speciality from Antioch/, Turkish pasta that consists of folded triangles of dough filled with minced meat, often with minced onions and parsley. Sahlep is another favorite in winter (served hot with cinnamon). Fish is also cooked in salt or in dough in Turkey. In the countryside especially, one eats loudly, belches, and licks one’s fingers. The term pilâki is also used for fish cooked with various vegetables, including onion in the oven. Do not switch hands for knives and forks. Julia Kitlinski-Hong. Hugs are reserved for close friends and family members.

Further Recommended Reading. According to legend, it was first cooked on Noah's Ark and contained seven different ingredients in one dish.

Yoğurt is an important element in Turkish cuisine. It can be salty or sweet according to the filling. When entering a room, if you are not automatically met by someone greet the most elderly or most senior first. Turks usually prefer a rich breakfast. Invariably, Turkish tea is served at breakfast. Vegetarians will especially like delving into the meze culture since it presents a large variety of choice that other food concepts don’t offer. If you invite your Turkish neighbours around for dinner, be sure to buy a loaf or two, so you don’t run out. During a civil wedding ceremony is it customary for the brides father to give his daughter away by accompanying her to the celebrant and groom? Urfa kebap is less spicy and thicker than Adana kebap. The fact that foreigners don’t know much about the founder of the Turkish Republic is tolerated. Turkish schoolchildren already know everything about the life of the “father of the Turks” (Atatürk). homemade pasta is called erişte in Turkey. Etli yaprak sarma (vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice) used to be cooked with sour plums in Ottoman cuisine. Forget it. Dining etiquettte for using utensils. Turkey is surrounded by seas which contain a large variety of fish. Quite frequently a spoon of rice and lemon juice is also added. You can easily step on one of them. There is no formal etiquette on this matter. Turks love to touch each other, but there are rules. The saying “işten artmaz, dişten artar” is an expression of the necessity to avoid waste and be frugal in the kitchen. It is typically served hot topped with garlic yogurt and melted butter or warmed olive oil, and a range of spices such as oregano, dried. There may be cases when women will avoid having direct eye contact with men. Minced meat can also be added to a vegetable dish but vegetable dishes that are cooked with olive oil (zeytinyağlılar) are often served cold and do not contain meat. 14 Strange Food Customs from Around the World. In rural areas, whenever a guest comes to the home, he must be fed; this is truly a requirement of Turkish hospitality.


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