"Vanguard blocks drivers with known security vulnerabilities (usually privilege escalation via arbitrary memory writes) that allow cheat developers to load their cheats into the kernel without approval from Microsoft," wrote Valorant anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain in a Reddit post. Alongside VALORANT’s highly-publicised launch, Riot Games also made a big deal out of their new, innovative anti-cheat system - Vanguard. Vanguard still blocks "a small number" of drivers, but no longer blocks most of the software it used to, including Core Temp. It will reinstall the Vanguard automatically. The primary argument against letting Riot run a kernel-mode driver on your PC is that if someone found a security vulnerability in it, the consequences could be much worse than if a vulnerability were discovered in regular, user-level software. If it can't get a program running with Vanguard in a way it likes, it'll prevent you from playing Valorant rather than prevent the program from running. Once installed, Vanguard will run at Windows startup unless uninstalled. However, in its short lifespan, it has managed a number of notable results. Now this launcher has been perfected and Vanguard is perfectly safe. However, the main concerns a number of people had with Vanguard is the sheer amount of access it had to people’s systems. Please refresh the page and try again. For now, it's something players will have to put up with if they want to play Valorant, though Riot did at least make it easier to disable or uninstall Vanguard by adding a system tray icon. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Issues with Vanguard haven’t stopped Valorant from finding success, but they’ve reignited a pervasive conversation about security and trust in the video game industry. I'd say it takes me about as much time to reinstall Vanguard, reboot, and launch Valorant as it does to launch Rainbow Six Siege and get to the menu. If Vanguard's driver isn't started with Windows, Valorant won't trust your PC, and you won't be able to play. Not exactly. Riot claimed that this was a new step towards eliminating the presence of hackers in their games (something which CS:GO failed to provide). Vanguard also operates a Kernel level driver, which has access to the entire computer system and is able to see every program loaded and when they are. © I've taken to uninstalling Vanguard between Valorant sessions. Once Riot stopped being flippant with their responses and explanations, they then tried to allay fears respectfully and responsibly. We hope this troubleshooting guide was helpful to you. Software that runs at the kernel level has the greatest level of control over your PC.


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