Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, whose single-minded aim was the restoration of "a just equilibrium" in Europe, reproached the Tsar to his face for a "conscience" which led him to imperil the concert of the powers by keeping his hold on Poland in violation of his treaty obligation. Eine Autopsie der Leiche sei ohne plausiblen Grund der Verzögerung erst 32 Stunden nach dem Ableben vorgenommen worden. Yet the document is of great interest, as it formulates for the first time in an official dispatch the ideals of international policy that were to play a conspicuous part in world affairs at the close of the revolutionary epoch. Historians still debate Alexander's role in his father's murder. The great majority of serfs were not affected. [18], Events were rapidly heading towards the rupture of the Franco-Russian alliance. Cautiously, he extended the right to own land to most classes of subjects, including state-owned peasants, in 1801 and created a new social category of "free agriculturalist," for peasants voluntarily emancipated by their masters, in 1803. Im Sommer 1825 verschlechterte sich der Gesundheitszustand der Kaiserin, und die Ärzte rieten ihr zu einem langen Aufenthalt im Süden; Alexander beschloss, sie zu begleiten. The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II had been excluded from the Holy Alliance under the principle that the affairs of the East were the "domestic concerns of Russia" rather than of the concert of Europe; but Alexander now offered to surrender this claim and act "as the mandatory of Europe," as Austria had acted in Naples, but still to march as a Christian liberator into the Ottoman Empire. [2] Speransky was replaced as advisor with the strict artillery inspector Aleksey Arakcheyev, who oversaw the creation of military settlements. April 1808). Körperlich leidend und voller Todesgedanken versöhnte er sich mit seiner Gattin, die trotz aller Fehltritte ihres Mannes stets seine Freundin geblieben war. in Taganrog) war Kaiser[1] von Russland (1801–1825), König von Polen (1815–1825), erster russischer Großfürst von Finnland (1809–1825)[2] aus dem Hause Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp und von 1801 bis 1807 sowie von 1813 bis 1818 Herr von Jever. [34] On 28 March, Coalition forces advanced towards Paris, and the city surrendered on 31 March. He would divide with Alexander the Empire of the world; as a first step he would leave him in possession of the Danubian principalities and give him a free hand to deal with Finland; and, afterwards, the Emperors of the East and West, when the time should be ripe, would drive the Turks from Europe and march across Asia to the conquest of India, a realization of which was finally achieved by the British a few years later, and would change the course of modern history. The Empress saw in her grandson the future ideal monarch and an heir to continue her many programs and plans. He accused his wife of conspiring to become another Catherine and seize power from him as his mother did from his father. Under the leadership of Mikhail Speransky, Russian legislation was systemized and the Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire compiled. Over the course of a number of diplomatic congresses, victorious Russia played an impressive role in determining the political restructuring of post-Napoleonic Europe. But from his military governor, Nikolay Saltykov, he imbibed the traditions of Russian autocracy. He wrote that Russia had become a "plaything for the insane" and that "absolute power disrupts everything". [citation needed], The Coalition forces, divided into three groups, entered northeastern France in January 1814. Dessen Abschluss ging die berühmte Zusammenkunft des russischen und des französischen Kaisers am 25. [18] It was not long before the first enthusiasm of Tilsit began to wane. "I don't want anything for myself", he said to the French ambassador, "therefore the world is not large enough to come to an understanding on the affairs of Poland, if it is a question of its restoration". Aleksándr Pávlovich, IPA: [ɐlʲɪkˈsandr ˈpavɫəvʲɪt͡ɕ]; 23 December [O.S. Napoleon was in Fontainebleau when he heard that Paris had surrendered. Alexander was the first king of Congress Poland, reigning from 1815 to 1825, as well as the first Russian Grand Duke of Finland, reigning from 1809 to 1825. We can find you a suitable interpreter for your negotiations, research or other needs. His wife died a few months later as the emperor's body was transported to Saint Petersburg for the funeral. Alexander on the left with his parents and his sibling in ; Credit — Wikipedia. Alexander began his education at the age … Becoming emperor through a crime that cost his father's life would give Alexander a strong sense of remorse and shame. 1796 starb Katharina II., und Alexanders Vater bestieg als Paul I. den russischen Kaiserthron. auf den Thron gelangte, war er, obwohl er von dem Mord weder gewusst noch ihn gebilligt hatte, doch anfangs von Rücksichten auf die Mörder Subow, von der Pahlen und von Bennigsen abhängig.


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