Studies of individuals exposed to iodine-131 radiation have shown consistent development of hypothyroidism, a condition of reduced thyroid hormone output. Can Taking Iodine Cause An Autoimmune Thyroid Condition? You can make your own distilled water with tap water. I know I need to be careful not to get too much iodine, so may I ask how much you take? For additional Iodine one can take Kelp tablets or Potassium Iodine tablets. No harm in trying it, as technically, it's external use. 930-G Del Monte Ave, Love this site - have recommended it to many! Suddenly taking large amounts of iodine (or any supplement for that matter) is likely to cause side effects. Any tips, recipes from those making theirs would also be appreciated. I tried it and had terrible die-off effects so I stopped taking it, but I was still feeling sick for a few weeks after. 25 mgs iodine -- would be about 8 drops. I have very dry mouth, and severely dry eyes right now, and I don't want this to progress. I know that if I ever get a painful ear again, I won't be going to the doctor, I'll sort it myself. Please note that we use cookies necessary for the functioning of our website, cookies that optimize the performance. Balance is important in all aspects of life, especially nutrition. I get conflicting info. I have not had a bout with bronchitis because anytime i am getting a cold or virus I put 6 drops of Lugol's in water 3 times over a 24 hour period and the infection is gone. Here are some of the benefits of Lugol's Iodine for the body: Essential for proper thyroid health. Buy the kefir water grains, very cheap, go to youtube, and learn how to make water kefir. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. I have researched for hours the information re iodine benefits and also checked the contributions on earthclinic site where I found the conversion table for the various strength of Lugols iodine in mgs. COPYRIGHT © 1999 - Glad to hear of someone else getting well with it. I got an old eye dropper and cleaned it out with boiling water. It has probiotics & B vitamins. This is one reason why some people get confused and think they are "allergic" to iodine -- they take iodine without companion nutrients or without doing the salt push should they experience bromide detox. I put mine into my morning mix of brewers yeast and yogurt, taste is very minimal. Or drink them? I got the idea to try this from reading a clinical trial conducted on children in the remore African bush, obviously far from the nearest doctor. It should work against a fungal infection, too. They had complete resolution of ear infections, even supporating inner ear infections; they all went away - the trial must still be on the internet somewhere. As for dry eyes, it's just the greatest, it also supports the whole system. Hope this helps. It should help with your gluten and dairy intolerance, give you energy, which the low energy is probably causing your dizzy spells. The body will use different forms for different purposes. Taking it in the late afternoon or evening can cause insomnia since iodine helps to restore energy. I use potassium iodide :Lugol's solution for all dryness in the body, vaginal dryness,dry eyes, dry nose,dry mouth.It is excellent as anti septic, anti biotic ati viral etc3 drops 1-3% lugol's in juice or water 2x/daily. Black Cohosh can be bought in most any drug stores and some of the leading stores.I thought I would add an extra alternative for many others to use. Other additives in food and water can affect the amount of iodine that is actually available for the body to use. Thanks for your help! Thanks. are compound chemists in Lismore and I used to buy my Lugols from them..Last time I spoke to them was mid-2014 and it was for this too. 5 times more). EC: You may find some helpful information in this article about Lugol's. I got an old eye drops bottle - tiny. Do you also do coconut oil, and a good salt for iodine content? Companion nutrients can be taken at the same time. ). any chance you could find the link or publication details of the study on the african children? I filled it 1/4 full of Lugol's and the rest with the boiled, cool water. Some alternative doctors recommend 12.5-50 mg of Lugol’s Iodine daily, especially when treating hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, and other significant health problems. Cheap, easy, and a continual supply. Place it in a dark storage/cabinet. Could someone tell me how to take these drops that masks the taste? Iodine-induced hyperthyroidism-an old clinical entity that is still relevant to daily ICU practice: a case report. At least thats what the sellers say the % are, most are from china & some are AR grade. I upped my dosage and think this is what I needed. I was reading really good reviews on earth clinic and I like to try it. Please tell us about your experience! [Hyperthyroidism (treatment adjunct)] 1 —Strong iodine is used as an adjunct in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. It really makes me gag but offers so much. Amazon has reasonable prices for Lugol's Iodine. Iodine is the fuel it runs on. Lugol’s iodine was created by French scientist Jean Lugol in 1829. To learn more about our cookies, how we use them and their benefits, please read our Privacy Policy, Posted by Michelle (Mcarthur, Ohio) on 04/14/2013, Posted by David (Huntington Beach, California, USA) on 01/04/2009, Posted by Doc Sheila (Toronto, Canada) on 08/09/2009, Posted by Angela (New York, US) on 05/26/2014, Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca) on 03/20/2011, Posted by Jolole (Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia) on 07/11/2013, Posted by Fats1964 (Doncaster, UK) on 04/10/2015, Posted by Jacqueline (Devon, Uk) on 09/25/2015, Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/27/2016, Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 01/06/2015, Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 07/13/2009, Posted by Elle_grey (Outer Limits, Usa) on 02/04/2014, Promotes growth of heath hair, skin, nails, 1 drop of 2% solution contains 2.5 mgs of iodine, 5 drops of 2% solution contains 12.5 mgs of iodine, 20 drops of 2% solution contains 50 mgs of iodine, 1 drop of 5% solution contains 6.25 mgs of iodine, 2 drops of 5% solution contains 12.5 mgs of iodine, 8 drops of 5% solution contains 50 mgs of iodine.


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