But is the DualSense really that similar to Microsoft's various controller designs? — Black Zoomer (@ProgressiveGenZ) April 8, 2020, when xbox controller meets the new #PS5 controller pic.twitter.com/2sR4NwcC25, The designers of the Xbox controller looking at the new PS5 controller pic.twitter.com/nUNdlYT5gS, #PS5: – What if Xbox Controller and the DualShock 4.Designer:– Say no more! Neither one is exactly like what came before, of course, but if you're used to holding a DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller, you're not going to have to relearn thumbstick and face button layouts. Here’s some of the funniest PS5 and Xbox One controller comparison tweets: Everyone : Yoo this ps5 look like the Xbox controller, — TACOIZLOST (@TACOIZLOST2) April 8, 2020. Split Screen can be played with higher performance: up to 60 FPS. Both PS and xbox had their pro and cons, but at the end of the day, I preferred the PS controller for jrpgs. We’ll start with an easy one. The PS5's controller will, like its predecessor, have a built-in speaker and microphone. Though we still don't actually know what the PS5 looks like, we do know most of the internal specs for both next-gen consoles, which we compare in our PS5 vs. Xbox Series X spec guide. RELATED: 5 Best Things About The Xbox Series X (& 5 That Aren't Great). "Xbox Controller" trended on Twitter after the announcement, as many users memed the PS5 controller, comparing it to Microsoft's gamepad models. Aside from this, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers get approval from most gamers. We now know what both the PS5 DualSense controller and Xbox Series X controller will look like as well as the brand new features we can expect from each. If you’d rather not blow through disposable batteries, Microsoft does make a Play and Charge Kit for the new controller. In a ... Fortnite will be playable for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X … Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Controllers have had haptic feedback since the "Rumble Pak" days of the late '90s. The comfort of a gamer is crucial when it comes to controller design. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Big changes are not necessarily good, as time-tested functions can be emulated for the benefit of all. On the Dualshock 4 controller for the PS4, there is a handy Share button that lets players save video clips and screenshot their favorite moments in their digital adventures. Sorry, but you can't access this content! Games that worked fine with a DualShock 4 don’t seem to function at all with the DualSense, and may need to be patched (a problem for older games that may never see patches). And this is before we’ve even seen a picture of Sony’s console. And, like the DualShock 4, the new DualSense’s rechargeable battery isn’t removable, so you may have to plunk down another $69.99 if yours dies an early death. The DualSense ditches the DualShock's Share button for a Create button, which seems to accomplish much the same task with the added benefit of additional, though currently unannounced, features.


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